di Rudio’s story by Cesare Marino & Ken Comery

On a peaceful knoll overlooking the Golden Gate, in the National Cemetery of San Francisco, under a headstone with the simple inscription

“Charles C. DeRudio – Major, 7 Cavalry

November 1 1910″

rest the ashes of a remarkable man.  He had lived his life to the fullest, with intensity and passion, with undoubted courage, at times recklessly, not without his share of human shortcomings and contradictions. A man, who had been largely misunderstood by his contemporaries and, until recently, remained a forgotten figure in his native Italy.

The story of Charles DeRudio (born Carlo di Rudio) reads like a romantic tale of revolutions and political intrigue. Yet, Count DeRudio’s epic story is as real and incredible as were his exploits on two continents during the seventy-eight years of his wandering and adventurous life.


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